MAC Electrical and Welding

All Welding Consumables
Welding Electrodes
Burning Torches
Welding Machines
Road Marking & Lining Equipment
Welding and Preheating Equipment Hire

The Suppliers of all Gas Burning and Welding Equipment

The Suppliers of all Hoses and Fittings


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Safety Equipment

TIG Gloves
6" Chrome Cuffs

14" Red Welder's Gauntlets
Kevlar Stitched / Reinforced Palm

14" Red Welder's Gauntlets

Green Welder's Gauntlets
14" Lined

Canadian Rigger

Canadian Rigger

Power Rigger

Furniture Hide Rigger
Block Colour Black or Green

Red PVC Glove
Knitted Wrist - Pierce Resistant

Black Nitrile Glove

Orange Gripper Glove

Green Gripper Glove

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